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Trump or Kittens – Innovatie

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Happy Monday ladies and gentlemen


Welcome to this slightly later than scheduled episode of Innovatie.


In case you missed it, the world as we know it officially came to an end on Friday. The times they are a-changin’. So is it sink or swim? Adapt or die? How about we take a leaf out of the new POTUS’s book, and only see the things we want to see instead! #alternativefacts


What if, instead of having to look at Trump’s picture all over the internet, you could look at something cute and fluffy instead? Well… There’s a Chrome Extension for that. Here at Viz HQ, we’re an office of Momentum-lovers (if you don’t have it – scarlet for ya – get with the programme and get it here), but there’s now a new player in town. Make America Kittens Again is an extension you can put on your Chrome browser that will replace all pictures of the US President with pictures of cute little kitty cats. Naawwwwwwwww.


Bound to cheer anyone up I think.


In general though, this is just yet another example of the growing trend of people being in more control of what they consume. Which I think at the start we all saw as a good thing – I personally don’t want to see Breitbart on my newsfeed, for example – but in actual fact it’s made everyone’s world a lot smaller, and also made people believe that everyone thinks the same way as they do. This is why so many of us got such a shock with Brexit and Trump: if you only ever see your own ways of thinking reflected back to you, it’s very very hard to believe there are many others out there that don’t share your world view. Obviously this one is just a bit of craic, but it reflects an interesting global trend that probably deserves a lot more discussion than it’s currently getting here in Ireland. It’s more a media owner topic than an agency one, as the responsibilities for journalistic integrity and balanced reporting lie with them and not us, but sure isn’t it good to be in the know? As a member of the industry, but also as a citizen.


So there you have it, folks. Isn’t it mad to think that despite all the different information, opinions and ways of life that are out there, almost all of us automatically default to what we know already. Better the devil you know, maybe.

Side note: This is also potentially a reason for why people stay in bad relationships (quality is not great on that video, but very funny nonetheless, give it a go).


Until next time

In kittens we trust



P.S.: I feel I have to do due diligence here and inform you there is a way to have a Kardashian-free internet (why you’d want that, I do not know… Takes all kinds I suppose). Another Chrome extension, which you can get here.



Marketing Breakfast January 2017: Future Focus

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

There’s never a better time to look towards the future than in the month of January. Over the past number of years we’ve seen the marketing industry both progress and fragment; and technology has been the driving force behind many of these changes. As marketers, it would be fair to say we’ve all wondered not only what’s next; but also what does it mean – for media; for marketing and also for wider society.

It would easy for us to look at these changes solely through the media lens and predict the possible after effects for us. However this would be short-sighted; it would not show the full story. It is more beneficial, not only for ourselves but for the wider marketing industry, to take a more holistic approach. What kind of impact are the latest advances in technology going to have not only on our industry, but also on our daily lives; as consumer behaviour inevitably evolves?

It is human nature to be intrigued by the future – and this is especially true when it comes to new innovations and technologies. In this industry especially, we’re all dying to know what’s next. The rate of change is so fast that we get bored easily. We also have a stronger propensity than the rest of the population to want to be ahead of the curve! Getting a sneak peek into what’s coming down the line in tech both inspires us and gives us food for thought as we look for new ways of communicating with consumers.

While technological advances are always interesting and undoubtedly have an effect on the marketing landscape and our economy, it is important not to overlook the more long-term impact had on society as a whole. One particularly interesting field that is beginning to develop is Cyber Psychology; which can be defined as the psychological phenomena associated with emerging technologies. It delves into the impact that the online world and newly emerging technologies have on human behaviour. It might sound far-fetched right now; but this is really important for us to understand: consumer habits have always changing and evolving over time, but now the world around us keeps moving forward at a much faster pace than ever before. If we can understand more about the effect technology is having on consumers and their daily lives, we can create better communications and find more relevant and meaningful ways to reach them.

The first Marketing Breakfast of the year next Wednesday morning (18th Jan), will see a panel of four experts from a variety of backgrounds debate the innovations, challenges and subsequent behavioural changes we’re likely to see over the next 12-18 months. Conor Murphy, MD of Vizeum, will be giving us an insight into what kind of advertising and media landscape we will soon be facing and what kind of challenges it will bring. Hannah Barton, Cyber Psychologist at IADT, brings her unique knowledge of online behaviour to the table and will discuss not only what we in the marketing business need to understand about digital consumer habits; but also how these habits are set to evolve in the near future. From Google, Eimear Hennessey will be joining us to share her thoughts on what kind of new technologies we can expect to see (and even the ones we can’t yet imagine) – plus how consumer behaviour shapes the technologies that are developed. Last but not least we have the RTE journalist Conor Brophy, who will weigh in on what he thinks will be some of the key drivers of change this year – for Ireland, for our economy, and for business – and how they can be managed from a marketing perspective.

There is no denying that 2016 brought about unprecedented change. We hope you can join us next Wednesday morning to dust off the cobwebs and take a look forward into 2017 to see what’s in store!

11/11: Singles Day – Innovatie

Friday, November 11th, 2016

Moving swiftly on from the trials and tribulations of the past few days, welcome to this week’s Innovatie!


So, does anyone know what today is? 11/11? No? Well, let me educate you, my Western friends. Today is Double Eleven – or what used to be known as “Singles’ Day” in China. Think Black Friday / Cyber Monday, only way bigger, and all about buying things for yourself. Well, not necessarily for yourself, but all about buying things online anyway.


Basically, Singles Day started out as a small tradition among young, single lads in China. They started getting together on 11/11 (all the “1”s you see, representing loneliness), and doing fun things as single people. The gals soon joined in on the craic, and towards the end of the last decade, it was a well-known BDO (Big Day Out) among young people in China.


Imagine being raised in a culture where they are under so much pressure to get married. Must be awful, I can’t imagine wh… OH NO WAIT we are in Ireland. Ah no, I’m joking. Modern Dublin Ireland has come a long, long way. Mostly. #anysignofyegettinmarried #haveyeanyNEWSforus


Anyway, back to the lonely lads & lassies. It wasn’t long before the online shopping giant that is Alibaba got wind of this day and thought, “KA-CHING!” Everyone who was celebrating this pseudo-holiday was digital-savvy, and they saw a way to tap into that. Now, they cleverly distanced themselves from the term “Singles’ Day” after a few years (my guess is some clever person demised that profiting off the loneliness of others could be construed by some as cruel) and now it is referred to as “double-eleven” (confirmed by Wei J).


Things have seriously taken off since 2010, and this year, Alibaba will likely crack $15billion worth of online, mostly mobile, sales.


So, relevance for brands? Well, any brand with an eCommerce offering is usually all over Black Friday / Cyber Monday; and Double Eleven is basically the Chinese version of this, so no big take home messages there. However, the fact that it has gotten so big so quickly is yet another indicator of the spending power in China, and further reinforces decisions made by many Western brands to tap into the Chinese market.


Moral of the story? When Black Friday comes round, buy something nice for someone you love. Or, you know, for yourself… Sure you deserve it #lookoutfornumberone #ilovemewhodoyoulove


Have a good weekend


Aido – Your New Best Mate – Innovatie

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

Ladies and Gents

It’s finally here. The most life-changing tech update since the launch of the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone. After 6 long, arduous years, you can now zoom on Insta! #creepsunite because let’s be honest, we’ve all been there: “MUM you can’t zoom on Insta. Oh my GOD did you like it?! That photo is 97 weeks old UUUGGHHH FMFL”

But while InstaZoom most definitely deserves an honourable mention, that’s not what this week’s innovation is about. I know you hold Innovatie to a higher standard than that; which is to be expected given the calibre (great word – also not spelt the way you’d think!) of the innovations that have been coming your way. I wouldn’t want to let myself down; or make a holy show of myself, as my mother would say.

Let me introduce you all to Aido. Aido hasn’t actually been born yet, his parents are saving up for his arrival in October (the cost of having a child these days is only desperate), but he’s gonna be super smart and v cute. Aido is going to live with you in your gaff and be your best friend, teacher, chef, nightlight, personal shopper, lover, smartphone and laptop all rolled into one dotey little package. He can even screen your calls and tell your parents you’re not in when they pop round uninvited – see 0:17 into the video below – because we all know if you let them in you’ll spend the entire day trying to explain to them how to use poor Aido… “And he has de Shkype as well, does he? That’s fierce handy now for ringing Mairead down in Bondi Beach” (this is all of us, btw:

Check out the video here:

You can pre-order him on, for about the same price as an iPhone ($600), which is an absolute bargain really…–2#/

And the best thing about Aido? The fact his name is Aido. AIDO. Come on lads.

Side note: how great of a character was Aido in Love/Hate? Aido & Nadine – modern Ireland’s answer to John & Mary from Father Ted:

Ok so granted I’m not sure how brands would fit into this space as of yet but where there’s a will there’s a way! It could be an interesting one for supermarkets and FMCGs if Aido is doing all the grocery shopping? He could suggest new products, etc. Aido has already won the 2016 GameChanger award from technology magazine T3. Overachiever (rolling my eyes).


Until next week, folks

Slán agus beannacht libh go léir


Social Banking in Singapore – Innovatie

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Hello pals


Welcome to the first blog instalment of Innovatie. The good people at Vizeum Dublin HQ know Innovatie well, but it’s time to bestow our favourite innovations on the wider web. Hope you enjoy what’s to come! Bitta craic sure.


This innovation comes all the way from Singapore (where the forecast for tomorrow is 30 degrees and cloudy – very close).


20 Singapore-based banks are coming together early next year to trial making payments via social.


This would allow consumers transfer money by selecting their Facebook or Twitter account instead of entering a bank account number & sort code. Mobile phone numbers will be used as a proxy for bank accounts.


Side note: how annoying are those IBAN codes?! Here’s a handy converter in case you’re ever stuck: – save that in your bookmarks now guys and gals, and don’t say I don’t look after you.


Pretty handy, right? Obviously this isn’t a totally new idea –

  • Apple Pay has been around for a while (available here but only if you’re on a 6/6plus or similarly modern Apple device; and are using an account from one of the following banks: NatWest, Nationwide, RBS, Santander, Ulster Bank or MBNA… On the off-chance you bank with one of the aforementioned, here’s info on how to get started: )
  • Facebook in the US has been allowing users to transfer funds for free vis its Messanger app (careful though if this ever comes over here, Mark & Shaz are defo reading our mails)
  • Apparently, Snapchat has a “Snapcash” service which allows you to send money to your contacts (I reckon steer clear of this one; if James Kavanagh’s Snapchat can be hacked, so can yours. And you’re nowhere near as gas as he is. Presenting up on the mantelpiece. Whistling. #nooneissafe).


There’s not much more to the article, but here it is anyway


And a bit more info here


Until next time, folks

Keep her lit