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Trump or Kittens – Innovatie

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Happy Monday ladies and gentlemen


Welcome to this slightly later than scheduled episode of Innovatie.


In case you missed it, the world as we know it officially came to an end on Friday. The times they are a-changin’. So is it sink or swim? Adapt or die? How about we take a leaf out of the new POTUS’s book, and only see the things we want to see instead! #alternativefacts


What if, instead of having to look at Trump’s picture all over the internet, you could look at something cute and fluffy instead? Well… There’s a Chrome Extension for that. Here at Viz HQ, we’re an office of Momentum-lovers (if you don’t have it – scarlet for ya – get with the programme and get it here), but there’s now a new player in town. Make America Kittens Again is an extension you can put on your Chrome browser that will replace all pictures of the US President with pictures of cute little kitty cats. Naawwwwwwwww.


Bound to cheer anyone up I think.


In general though, this is just yet another example of the growing trend of people being in more control of what they consume. Which I think at the start we all saw as a good thing – I personally don’t want to see Breitbart on my newsfeed, for example – but in actual fact it’s made everyone’s world a lot smaller, and also made people believe that everyone thinks the same way as they do. This is why so many of us got such a shock with Brexit and Trump: if you only ever see your own ways of thinking reflected back to you, it’s very very hard to believe there are many others out there that don’t share your world view. Obviously this one is just a bit of craic, but it reflects an interesting global trend that probably deserves a lot more discussion than it’s currently getting here in Ireland. It’s more a media owner topic than an agency one, as the responsibilities for journalistic integrity and balanced reporting lie with them and not us, but sure isn’t it good to be in the know? As a member of the industry, but also as a citizen.


So there you have it, folks. Isn’t it mad to think that despite all the different information, opinions and ways of life that are out there, almost all of us automatically default to what we know already. Better the devil you know, maybe.

Side note: This is also potentially a reason for why people stay in bad relationships (quality is not great on that video, but very funny nonetheless, give it a go).


Until next time

In kittens we trust



P.S.: I feel I have to do due diligence here and inform you there is a way to have a Kardashian-free internet (why you’d want that, I do not know… Takes all kinds I suppose). Another Chrome extension, which you can get here.



11/11: Singles Day – Innovatie

Friday, November 11th, 2016

Moving swiftly on from the trials and tribulations of the past few days, welcome to this week’s Innovatie!


So, does anyone know what today is? 11/11? No? Well, let me educate you, my Western friends. Today is Double Eleven – or what used to be known as “Singles’ Day” in China. Think Black Friday / Cyber Monday, only way bigger, and all about buying things for yourself. Well, not necessarily for yourself, but all about buying things online anyway.


Basically, Singles Day started out as a small tradition among young, single lads in China. They started getting together on 11/11 (all the “1”s you see, representing loneliness), and doing fun things as single people. The gals soon joined in on the craic, and towards the end of the last decade, it was a well-known BDO (Big Day Out) among young people in China.


Imagine being raised in a culture where they are under so much pressure to get married. Must be awful, I can’t imagine wh… OH NO WAIT we are in Ireland. Ah no, I’m joking. Modern Dublin Ireland has come a long, long way. Mostly. #anysignofyegettinmarried #haveyeanyNEWSforus


Anyway, back to the lonely lads & lassies. It wasn’t long before the online shopping giant that is Alibaba got wind of this day and thought, “KA-CHING!” Everyone who was celebrating this pseudo-holiday was digital-savvy, and they saw a way to tap into that. Now, they cleverly distanced themselves from the term “Singles’ Day” after a few years (my guess is some clever person demised that profiting off the loneliness of others could be construed by some as cruel) and now it is referred to as “double-eleven” (confirmed by Wei J).


Things have seriously taken off since 2010, and this year, Alibaba will likely crack $15billion worth of online, mostly mobile, sales.


So, relevance for brands? Well, any brand with an eCommerce offering is usually all over Black Friday / Cyber Monday; and Double Eleven is basically the Chinese version of this, so no big take home messages there. However, the fact that it has gotten so big so quickly is yet another indicator of the spending power in China, and further reinforces decisions made by many Western brands to tap into the Chinese market.


Moral of the story? When Black Friday comes round, buy something nice for someone you love. Or, you know, for yourself… Sure you deserve it #lookoutfornumberone #ilovemewhodoyoulove


Have a good weekend


Totes Emosh – Innovatie

Friday, October 21st, 2016

Happy Friday, folks!


Innovatie has been live for almost 4 months. Can you believe it?? Pure madness. Where does the time go?


Sure look, says you. And sure listen, says I.


Anyway, this week’s innovation is all about your F E E L I N G S. “What are those?” I hear you say… Good question – being Irish, most of us have spent 20+ years pushing those awful things as far away as possible. But the times they are a-changing, and finally people are waking up and realising being one with your inner thoughts and emotions is a positive thing.


And no, this is not where I tell you to be true to yourself and follow your dreams. Marketing makes the world go round (obvs) so without further ado, I give you “the future of marketing”: Emotion Detection.


At the most basic level, it’s just a further advancement of dynamic advertising: instead of an ad message changing based on just audience data, it changes in real-time based on the emotional reaction of the person experiencing it, using AI & facial recognition. Simples! And soon the technology to enable it will come to fruition – big names in the business have already injected some serious capital into research in this particular field. Apple has been interested for years already, and have already acquired Emotient (a tech company specialising in emotion recognition); and Nielsen have bought Innerscope, which uses biometrics to measure subconscious emotional responses to media and marketing (slightly creepy). Big brands such as Coca Cola, Unilever and P&G have been engaging in emotion analysis to test audience reaction to their comms, too.


Even if you look at Facebook: Reactions are currently treated in the same way as Likes, but that is definitely going to evolve; with different Reactions being weighted differently. For example, Love is more important than Like, and so on (side note: if you don’t know what the difference between like and love is, you might want to refresh your memory with this gem).


Eventually, it could become commonplace that advertising is so personalised that no two people will experience the same ad in the same way… Ever. Cool, right? Not only is it cool in the technological sense, it’s also brilliant from a creative point of view – everyone knows the best and most effective ads are the ones that evoke an emotional response. The article I read on HubSpot calls out 3 long-term campaigns (I’d go as far as to call them full brand strategies) that really showcase the power of emotive advertising: Dove’s “Real Beauty” (I know we’ve all heard: “we want to be like Dove but we have €5k and want to have a spot in the Late Late and also we want go viral but you have to admit it’s been a ground-breaking campaign that has inspired many copy-cats – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery), Nike’s “Just Do It”, and Mastercard’s “Priceless”.


I’d encourage everyone to read the article – It’s long, but it is interesting.


For the moment we’re probably a few years off seeing this being used in day to day advertising, but it’s definitely one to watch.


Thanks for reading guys!


Same time, same place next week


Snap Inc. Spectacles – Innovatie

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Before we get stuck in, I just want to flag that this is week’s Innovatie is verrrry P R E D I C T A B L E, but I just think they are so so cool, I couldn’t resist. So, without further ado, I give you… SNAP SPECTACLES!


In case you’ve been living under a rock, Snap Inc. (new name for Snapchat) have decided to enter the wearables space with a pair of snap-recording sunglasses. “But wait!” I hear you say, “aren’t they just copying Google Glass?” Well, that’s an interesting point my friend, but you’d be wrong there. These shades are basically the opposite of Google Glass.


First of all, they’re fun. They’re going to come in three different colours and basically look like something you’d pick up in a souvenir shop on your hols. Evan Speigal even refers to them as a toy. Secondly, they’re cheap (compared to Google Glass, which launched with a retail price of $1,500), costing less than a pair of Ray-Ban aviators, at $129. Finally, the whole point of the Spectacles is not to make progress in technology, or change how we interact with the world… All they are for is recording your Snap videos and uploading them directly to the app. Oh, and before your inner creep gets too excited, they will have little lights on the front that will flash to indicate recording. Check out the video here:


All that aside, Spiegs is cautious: only a small number are going to be produced to begin with, and they will be rolled out slowly to see how they land. Now of course there’s a chance that these will be a complete flop, but all Snap Inc. needs is for the shades to stay cool for long enough to get us mugs buying a pair in the hopes of coming the next James Kava (cos we’re all gas b*tches).


For brands, I see two main possibilities: Firstly, they could give pairs to their consumers at events / to influencers to capture footage and push this out as part of comms. Secondly, further down the line, wouldn’t it be cool for a brand to do a partnership with them?? I’m thinking S P E C T A C L E S  x R A Y – B A N. Remember, you heard it here first.


So in conclusion, I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair.


That’s all folks

Same time, same place next week


Remember, be good. And if you can’t be good, be careful



Tinder x Spotify – Innovatie

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Dark days, folks. Dark days.


Brangelina is no more. Such a mixed bag of emotions, isn’t it? Vindication for some. Sadness, shock and surprise for others (told you there’d be alliteration). Regardless of your feelings, I think we can all agree on one thing: Jennifer Aniston definitely had a little lol to herself.*


Anyway, this week’s innovation is bound to cheer you (single) people right up. Tinder and Spotify are teaming up to help you “make a little music with someone new”. Are you reading into that? I know I am…


Basically, Tinderonians will be able to include their fave tunes on their Tinder profiles. Now if that’s not a good reason to swipe right, I don’t know what is. At the very least, it’ll help users cut through potential one night stands future life partners and pick someone who likes 90s hip hop as much as they do. Although let’s be honest, who’s not partial to a bit of 90s hip hop ?


For more info (and a ridiculous video), check out this article


Of course I’d say you’re all wondering what my #TinderAnthem would be… If I had to pick a song of the moment, it would have to be this A$AP Rocky tune. Betcha you thought it was gonna be this one didn’t you? #sobasic


An old school one I never get sick of? Please see here. Anyone noticing a pattern?


Finally, anyone care to hazard a guess on what tunes Brad is gonna have up on his Tinder??



That’s all from me this week, friends. Same time, same place next Friday.


Lots of love,



*Only joking. Although… #iloveyoubrad #callme #cantfindmeontinder




Cover pic:


Ted Baker Shoppable Video – Innovatie

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Well hello there boys & girls! Welcome to the latest installment of Innovatie!


So… the iPhone 7!


Like I’d ever be that predictable.


No, today it’s all about… VEGAN PIZZA!

Also jokes…

Where do I like to keep you? (answer: on your toes!)


Fun fact: Innovatie loves clothes. So this week I’m delighted to share something futuristically fashionable (well hello there alliteration) with you.

See below a very lovely pink dress. It’s the prettiest thing I own and I keep it wrapped up in the dry cleaner’s cling film. Well that dress is from Ted Baker (side note: great menswear); somewhere I’d never usually shop because it’s not really my shtyle, but anyway, I digress… Ted Baker is the brand at the centre of this week’s innovation.


Ted Baker have launched a really slick shoppable video. S H O P P A B L E. Each item featured in the short film can be clicked on and saved in your basket… Pretty cool, right? Ted Baker is a very British brand so the clever people at Poke in London (easy now, that’s actually the name of the agency. British people are funny… hi Max!) decided to base the film around espionage. Even better, they got Guy Ritchie to produce it. G U Y  R I T C H I E you guys. Who doesn’t love a bit of Lock, Stock / Snatch? Great movies. Dya like dags?? Check out the video here:

Now, I’ve done some digging around and Ted Baker are not the first brand to do this. Burberry had done something similar back in 2012 but Ted’s version is done so very well (see above: Guy Ritchie). The film is called “Mission Impeccable” for Christ’s sake. L O V E it. They’ve even amplified it further by running an online scavenger hunt, pretending to “leak” classified documents on social and have customers to decode them. They’ve also followed this through in-store: customers speak certain words that are displayed on the windows into the Google Voice app and are given clues in return in order to win prizes. That’s the jist of it; but more info can be found here:

Usually I tend to show innovations that are so new that I’ve to make up suggest how it could possibly work from a brand & advertising perspective; but for once this is something that could be implemented straight away. It’s just one step on from Ikea’s shoppable Facebook posts!

So that’s this week’s innovation, folks! And before you ask, yes, this is my F A V O U R I T E new thing #spacesinbetweenletterstomakeapoint #oppositeofahashtag

Stay tuned for more fun, fashion & frolics (and alliteration, apparently) – same time, same place!


Social Banking in Singapore – Innovatie

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Hello pals


Welcome to the first blog instalment of Innovatie. The good people at Vizeum Dublin HQ know Innovatie well, but it’s time to bestow our favourite innovations on the wider web. Hope you enjoy what’s to come! Bitta craic sure.


This innovation comes all the way from Singapore (where the forecast for tomorrow is 30 degrees and cloudy – very close).


20 Singapore-based banks are coming together early next year to trial making payments via social.


This would allow consumers transfer money by selecting their Facebook or Twitter account instead of entering a bank account number & sort code. Mobile phone numbers will be used as a proxy for bank accounts.


Side note: how annoying are those IBAN codes?! Here’s a handy converter in case you’re ever stuck: – save that in your bookmarks now guys and gals, and don’t say I don’t look after you.


Pretty handy, right? Obviously this isn’t a totally new idea –

  • Apple Pay has been around for a while (available here but only if you’re on a 6/6plus or similarly modern Apple device; and are using an account from one of the following banks: NatWest, Nationwide, RBS, Santander, Ulster Bank or MBNA… On the off-chance you bank with one of the aforementioned, here’s info on how to get started: )
  • Facebook in the US has been allowing users to transfer funds for free vis its Messanger app (careful though if this ever comes over here, Mark & Shaz are defo reading our mails)
  • Apparently, Snapchat has a “Snapcash” service which allows you to send money to your contacts (I reckon steer clear of this one; if James Kavanagh’s Snapchat can be hacked, so can yours. And you’re nowhere near as gas as he is. Presenting up on the mantelpiece. Whistling. #nooneissafe).


There’s not much more to the article, but here it is anyway


And a bit more info here


Until next time, folks

Keep her lit