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Wearable Tech – Function, Fitness and Advertising

Wearable technology is already becoming common amongst the early innovators of today. From Apple Watches and Galaxy Gear, to Jawbones and GoPros, wearables are becoming more and more common. Wearable technology serves a purpose that smartphones could never fulfil. That is because wearables are actually connected to our body, meaning we’ll become even more connected with technology than we already are, a scary thought we know!

Many of these devices are virtually seamless. By slipping a Jawbone onto your wrist at the start of the day, you can begin to track almost everything. During the day you can find out how much you’ve walked, and even set yourself reminders to get up and move around if you’ve been stationary for too long. During the night you can track whether you’ve been in a deep sleep, or a level of light sleep. With Google Glass, experiences of everyday life will be captured and integrated with our digital lives.

The potential impact is tough to comprehend. Whether it’s our health, our work life, or even our exposure to advertising, wearable will become a big part of our future.

So much so that many speculate the growth of wearables will mean they’ll eventually surpass smartphones

Picture yourself walking down the street, looking at a billboard with nothing but a QR code on it and instantly being served a tailored promotion just for you. Sounds bizarre we know, but with products like Google Glass hitting the market, it’s not so farfetched. Placements like this may very well be the future of advertising. In fact, Google have already patented pay per gaze technology. Statements like this convey the potential impact wearables may have on the traditional marketing mix.

We’re all aware of the explosion of mobile over the last number of years. Is wearable to follow a similar trend? Maybe not in the near future, but it would be naive to rule this possibility out. Undoubtedly, over the next couple of years, we will begin to see wearable traffic creep into the makeup of our websites. (Source)

There’s still so much unknown about wearables that it’s hard to tell how exactly they will impact us. Regardless of timelines, wearable technology will have a key role to play in our futures.



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