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VOGUE: Influence vs Reach – Innovatie

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Apolz for leaving you hanging last week… I know some of you were waiting with bated breath but I didn’t want to disappoint anyone with a below-average Innovatie. Plus, this one required some thinking so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t hungover writing it did it justice.


It’s a bit of a departure from the usual techy stuff, and is more about a new way of thinking, rather than an actual innovation in tech or advertising formats.


The Chief Digital Officer at publishing giant Condé Nast (they own Vogue, dontcha know) has made the argument that the idea of reach being paramount (basically the insistence that having as big an audience as possible is all that matters), is outdated and too simplistic.


Side note: His name is Wolfgang Blau. WOLFGANG. What a name!


Anyway, he agrees that building an audience is important, as is growth, but believes you don’t have to be huge to be influential. Vogue is actually a really great example of that… How many people do you think actually read Vogue? It is H E A V Y  G O I N G, trust me, and I love clothes. But it doesn’t matter that its actual reach isn’t as big as you think it is, because it has so much influence and commands a lot of respect from the wider fashion industry.


Now, there are a wide number of factors that have contributed to that over the years, but I think the point here is that sometimes you have something (a product, a brand, even a campaign) so great, that getting everybody to like it isn’t necessary. Obviously there are some stipulations, like if you’re a new business trying to turn a profit, you need to just sell sell sell regardless, this approach is most likely not applicable. Also, he is referring to the audience of a publisher; which is of course different to the target audience of an advertiser trying to sell a product, but I think it’s a refreshing take on how we view the importance of mass reach.


Take home message is, there’s more metrics of success than eyeballs.


If you have 5 minutes, it’s worth giving the article a read:



So that’s all from me, boys & girls!

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