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Social Banking in Singapore – Innovatie

Hello pals


Welcome to the first blog instalment of Innovatie. The good people at Vizeum Dublin HQ know Innovatie well, but it’s time to bestow our favourite innovations on the wider web. Hope you enjoy what’s to come! Bitta craic sure.


This innovation comes all the way from Singapore (where the forecast for tomorrow is 30 degrees and cloudy – very close).


20 Singapore-based banks are coming together early next year to trial making payments via social.


This would allow consumers transfer money by selecting their Facebook or Twitter account instead of entering a bank account number & sort code. Mobile phone numbers will be used as a proxy for bank accounts.


Side note: how annoying are those IBAN codes?! Here’s a handy converter in case you’re ever stuck: – save that in your bookmarks now guys and gals, and don’t say I don’t look after you.


Pretty handy, right? Obviously this isn’t a totally new idea –

  • Apple Pay has been around for a while (available here but only if you’re on a 6/6plus or similarly modern Apple device; and are using an account from one of the following banks: NatWest, Nationwide, RBS, Santander, Ulster Bank or MBNA… On the off-chance you bank with one of the aforementioned, here’s info on how to get started: )
  • Facebook in the US has been allowing users to transfer funds for free vis its Messanger app (careful though if this ever comes over here, Mark & Shaz are defo reading our mails)
  • Apparently, Snapchat has a “Snapcash” service which allows you to send money to your contacts (I reckon steer clear of this one; if James Kavanagh’s Snapchat can be hacked, so can yours. And you’re nowhere near as gas as he is. Presenting up on the mantelpiece. Whistling. #nooneissafe).


There’s not much more to the article, but here it is anyway


And a bit more info here


Until next time, folks

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