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Odds by Adidas – Innovatie


Does Daddy wanna have breakfast with you or what??? Come onnnnnn


We’ve been heavily involved in some vintage Tommy Tiernan here in Vizeum HQ recently, so anyone that hasn’t seen Tommy Tiernan Live (2002), I’m sorry, you definitely won’t get that.


So, most of the innovations that are shared tend to be really tech-focused, but every so often, it’s interesting to see something really simple (like the Orangina example) that’s making an impact on people’s lives. Also something that has little to nothing to do with advertising (like the Luas Dinosaur game – see But it has come from one of the world’s biggest brands, so… They did make an ad about it, obvs. #advertisingmakestheworldgoround #weloveads


Adidas have created a special edition set of runners, called “Odds”. A unique pair of the same shoe, 2 lefts or 2 rights put together, as an ode (great word) to all the para-athletes across the world. You can read more about it and watch a really great ad that was created by Taproot Dentsu in India here: If you watch this video and immediately aren’t inspired to get your lazy adland a*se out of your seat and hit the gym or go for a run, you’re either a) already drunk cos it’s the freekin weekend or b) completely dead inside which is also possible after a few years in this biz.


***kind of***

***not really***

The guy featured in this video is, quite literally, a hero. Major DP Singh has ran over 18 marathons and is India’s first blade runner… Even though he was declared dead after being seriously injured while serving in the army in 1999. Feel like an underachiever yet? You can read more about him here:

Also, if you’ve never watched “The Last Leg” on Channel 4, I highly recommend you do. They’ve done unreal coverage of the Olympics and Paralympics, and the lads are A B S O L U T E L Y  G A S  C R A I C.

I wish I had an inspiring quote to sign this off with, but unfortunately I have a heart of stone and my blood runs cold, so…


Until next time, friends




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