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Vizeum is a strategic agency created for the new era of media. We exist to step-change our clients’ communications.  We do not start with an ad. We do not start with media. We start from a different place. We combine our unique understanding of underlying human motivations and the new human behaviours enabled by the digital age, to help our clients grow their business.

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The Use of Video in Social Media


Video has been the absolute golden child for social media content over the past 18 months. However make no mistake that when producing video content there are major factors to consider even before creating a content strategy.

  • Who is your audience, what platforms are they on?
  • How will the platform affect the content you create?
  • How are you going to measure it?
  • How can you innovate and break boundries?

On top of this there are some hard hitting home truths that as marketers we must stand up to, face and at then end of the day accept. These are, your content is not likely to be viral, so invest in amplification, and secondly with 27M pieces of content being created daily, content is short lived and disposable. Don’t rely on one piece of artistry that needs to fill your content calendar for a year.

When looking at who your audience is and what platforms they live on, we must be data informed. Look at owned 1st party data from your social page anayltics, google analytics and CRM data you have. You can also inform your content through social listening tools, Global Web Index Reports, think with Google and things like YouTube leaderboard.

Once audience and platform have been identified we must then examine what native content looks like on that platform. For example people spend longer watching a video on YouTube over Facebook.

With YouTube and Facebook we know that the most action must occur in the first three seconds, a big trend for 2016 is that brand content needs to be visually based and not dependent on audio, as the majority of content is consumed when people are out and about , e.g. commuting to work, standing in a queue, some brands are now even choosing to add subtitles to their video content.

Twitter is more of a real-time platform, and the nature of how you scroll through tweets means video needs to be short and concise. Instagram has limitiations of 15 second videos and Vine with 6. How we use and measure value on Snapchat is the question on every marketers lips, however one thing is for certain, anything we do with it must be done in real-time. Other real-time video platforms that are growing in scale are Meerkat and Periscope. Go-Pro have just announced their partnership with Periscope, so users can live stream direct from their camera to their iPhones.



A really straightforward example of how a brand used video well on social was 20th Century Fox and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. 20th Century Fox pushed out their trailer across broad reaching  social plaftorms YouTube and Facebook, they then layered their messaging making it more engaging and relevent to their teen audience with the use of Cian Twomey, a social influencer to this target. Cian Twomey created a video that was native to the Facebook platform and filmed it vertically, matching how people view video.

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One piece of video content that we are all huge fans of in Vizeum is a short film created by Johnny Walker called the “gentleman’s wager”. It lives soley on YouTube, insight into their audience, choosing the right platform, and targeted amplification shows incredible results with nearly 12 million views. Of course, the fact that Jude Law stars in it definitely helps.

 Watch the Full Video Here