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Innovation Latest: Ted Baker Shoppable Video


Well hello there boys & girls! Welcome to the latest installment of Innovatie!


So… the iPhone 7!


Like I’d ever be that predictable.


No, today it’s all about… VEGAN PIZZA!

Also jokes…

Where do I like to keep you? (answer: on your toes!)


Fun fact: Innovatie loves clothes. So this week I’m delighted to share something futuristically fashionable (well hello there alliteration) with you.

See below a very lovely pink dress. It’s the prettiest thing I own and I keep it wrapped up in the dry cleaner’s cling film. Well that dress is from Ted Baker (side note: great menswear); somewhere I’d never usually shop because it’s not really my shtyle, but anyway, I digress… Ted Baker is the brand at the centre of this week’s innovation.


Ted Baker have launched a really slick shoppable video. S H O P P A B L E. Each item featured in the short film can be clicked on and saved in your basket… Pretty cool, right? Ted Baker is a very British brand so the clever people at Poke in London (easy now, that’s actually the name of the agency. British people are funny… hi Max!) decided to base the film around espionage. Even better, they got Guy Ritchie to produce it. G U Y  R I T C H I E you guys. Who doesn’t love a bit of Lock, Stock / Snatch? Great movies. Dya like dags?? Check out the video here:

Now, I’ve done some digging around and Ted Baker are not the first brand to do this. Burberry had done something similar back in 2012 but Ted’s version is done so very well (see above: Guy Ritchie). The film is called “Mission Impeccable” for Christ’s sake. L O V E it. They’ve even amplified it further by running an online scavenger hunt, pretending to “leak” classified documents on social and have customers to decode them. They’ve also followed this through in-store: customers speak certain words that are displayed on the windows into the Google Voice app and are given clues in return in order to win prizes. That’s the jist of it; but more info can be found here:

Usually I tend to show innovations that are so new that I’ve to make up suggest how it could possibly work from a brand & advertising perspective; but for once this is something that could be implemented straight away. It’s just one step on from Ikea’s shoppable Facebook posts!

So that’s this week’s innovation, folks! And before you ask, yes, this is my F A V O U R I T E new thing #spacesinbetweenletterstomakeapoint #oppositeofahashtag

Stay tuned for more fun, fashion & frolics (and alliteration, apparently) – same time, same place!