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Low-Tech Innovation – Innovatie

Hey guys and gals


Ready for another Innovatie instalment?


So this week’s innovation is a bit different than usual. It’s ridiculously simple; and it’s nothing to do with advertising; but I think it’s brilliant.


It’s a low-tech “augmented reality” game that people are playing on trams in Amsterdam. The guys at Headmade in the Netherlands and came up with a really innovative way to a) kill time between tram stops, and b) make you PUT DOWN YOUR SMARTPHONE (I swear, that’s how good it is). They’ve stuck little creatures with big open mouths on the windows of trams. As the tram moves, you cover one eye and move your head up and down to “eat” passer-by’s heads off! It sounds weird, but check out this video:

More here:


HOW COOL IS THAT?! Imagine how good that would be on the Luas? Considering Dublin is a fishbowl and more than likely you actually know the people you pass by…

Girl you scored in Coppers that gave you a fake number?

Guy you went on a date with and he didn’t offer to pay for any drinks?

Girl who was such a b1tch to you in school?

That weird guy in your elective module in college?



I’m off to stick some stickers on the Luas.


Until next time, folks

Drive her like she’s late for Mass


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