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Facebook Secret Messages – Innovatie

Hello and a happy Friday to you all (only if you’re reading this on a Friday, obvs… otherwise, just hello).


This week’s innovation is hot off the presses and continues along what appears to have become a theme running through a lot of my Innovaties… Internet creepin’.


Ladies and gents, I give you… Facebook Secret Messages! Now, I’m not condoning any sort of bold behaviour, but I think we all know what this feature is going to be used for: cheating and nudes.*


Basically, you can now have secret convos in FB Messenger that can be set to self-destruct. Worst thing to happen to relationships since Snapchat’s “best friends” feature? Potentially. Most hilarious thing about it? This actual description from Facebook’s blog of what it’s going to be used for:

“We’ve heard from you that there are times when you want additional safeguards — perhaps when discussing private information like an illness or a health issue with trusted friends and family, or sending financial information to an accountant.”






So I’m sure some of you are sitting there wondering how to set it up how it actually works and the technology that powers it, so here’s a link to the article from Wired:


As always, one of the key components of Innovatie is to suggest a way for brands to use the featured innovation. So… how are brands going to use this? I think it would be really useful for promoting invite-only events, members-only websites, etc., and would be perfect for any brand that wants to appear “exclusive”.


Unfortunately, I think that’s about as much craic I’m going to be able to knock out of this one, folks.


Love is dead



*I do not send nudes, just to be clear.


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