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Facebook Ad Scheduling

What you need to know:
Facebook will now allow us to run ads at specific times of day, a previously unavailable feature. It’s hardly news that the most effective online advertising will hit the right people at the right time, so the ability to target groups based on when they are most likely to be actively using Facebook is great news for us all. The feature enables us to hit audiences with greater precision than ever before, but is it the right fit for every campaign? Let’s not jump to conclusions.
It’s often of interest and benefit to advertisers to segment or split an audience as they see fit. An important point to remember is that experimentation is par for the course in order to achieve the best possible results. Put some creative thought and consideration into how campaigns should be executed – why not try running the same ad with identical creative copy at different times of the day?
Overall, though, the ability to show ads to the right people at the right time on Facebook is most definitely a welcome asset; you can schedule your ads for specific hours and days of the week. This is particularly useful for FMCG clients and also for alcohol brands, which are generally prohibited from advertising online before 12pm.

    How to use Facebook Ad Scheduling

    1. Ad scheduling is currently only available on Facebook’s Power Editor. If you’re not already using this, open the following URL:
    2. Hit ‘Download to Power Editor’ and select the Account(s) to download. Then click ‘Download’
    3. On the left, click ‘Filter by Campaign’ and ‘Active’.
    4. Click on ‘Ad Set’, and select an ad set to schedule.
    5. In order to run ads on a schedule, your budget must be changed from daily to lifetime. Then select ‘Ad Scheduling > Run ads on a schedule’. Then manually choose the specific times and days you want your ad(s) to run. Don’t forget to click ‘Upload Changes’ after scheduling the ads!

Here’s a handy consideration if you’re planning on using this feature: if you have ‘day of week’ and ‘time of day’ conversion data, you already have the basis with which to determine a schedule for your Facebook Ads.
It’s also been circulated that ad frequency capping is also in the pipeline on a per account/user/day basis – it’d certainly be the next logical step for Facebook. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled!
Still confused? This video might be helpful: