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Dominance of the TV Screen

A new UK study by Millward Brown highlights the continued dominance of the TV screen

Upon reading the recent release from WARC on multiscreenig a number of points struck us. Notably, that whilst digital usage is certainly on the increase and multi-screening more commonplace, the TV screen still remains at the top, garnering the most consumer attention.

This research is UK based and it differs from the more digitally advanced Asian markets, but as a reference point to Ireland it is worth considering.

1)      Screen usage varies across the day. Smartphones and laptops dominate daytime screen usage, while TV is the main player in the evenings followed by tablets.

2)      Amongst younger age groups, new screens have a more dramatic impact, but even for those the TV screen still dominates. Demographically TV and laptop viewing skews older while smartphone and tablet usage skews younger.

3)      Within total screen time, 32% is simultaneous usage of TV and a digital device – 7% of this is meshing, simultaneous usage of related content, while 25% is stacking (simultaneous usage for unrelated content). An example of stacking is watching TV while catching up with friends on Facebook on your phone.

This tells us that dual screen represents one avenue that brands can successfully target. Getting this opportunity right requires brands to understand how each screen fits into their particular consumer journey.

Source: Multi-screen viewing: Managing screens in a TV-centric market. Martin Ash, Market Leader, Quarter 3, 2014