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Digital Guru’s Campaign #PickOfTheMonth

#POTM #2FM Rebrand

What been happening?
It’s been a pretty exciting few weeks for 2FM as they’ve launched their rebrand campaign. RTÉ has given 2fm a fresh and edgy new look with a new logo, new website imaging.
So we caught up with our very own Ali Donnelly (and #1 fan of Digital Guru) to find out more about the campaign.



What are the objectives behind the 2fm rebrand?

This is the first time that 2FM have advertised since 2012, because of this we needed to put 2fm back on the map with our target. Building reach and awareness of 2fm, its rebrand and new scheduling was vital, however after this we had a job to do; build frequency of visit to the website,  encourage use of the listen live function  and help position 2fm as a destination hub for music and entertainment.

Looking at the persona of our target, it was evident that they were social, mobile, information seekers thus using digital as our lead platform was a no brainer for us. We delved into the competitive set and other relevant brands to see how they communicated, this got us in the right mind-set for creating an overarching digital strategy and defining roles for each platform.

How was the strategy developed?
When developing this strategy, we wanted to make sure we were targeting our audience in an environment when their minds are in a relaxed state and open to 2FM messaging.  Music driven platforms that our audience know and love such as TuneIn Shazam and Spotify allowed us to do this.

We developed a phased approach to our strategy, the first phase we were single minded. We framed all our communication around building reach and bringing users to the site. This allowed us to gather pools of really rich data, from which we could dynamically retarget based on interest in phase two of our campaign. Thus building reach and regular behaviour.


Were there any challenges faced in terms of creative?
We’ve really taken a hands on approach with creative build. As part of our campaign we are using two dynamic creative specialists; one to create app download & time of day dynamic for mobile, and one to create time of day and retargeting dynamic for desktop. A tight and integrated approach with our creative agency partners Image Now allowed us to ensure all creative and messaging produced was consistent and the brand is represented correctly. A little time consuming but we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Take us through some of the innovative ideas behind the campaign?
TuneIn is a website and mobile app that allows users to choose whatever radio station they like to listen to in the world. We have created audio ads to advertise to our target demographic and encourage them to switch station in-app to listen to 2FM. We love that we can do this and how easy the consumer journey is too!

We have also created Dynamic creative based on time of day for a listen now message. Layered onto this is a tactic we have implemented to prospect new users through lookalike targeting based on similar listener patterns.


Ali, tell us who is your fav 2fm presenter?
I love Louise McSharry, I love finding new music and I always make sure I have Shazam ready to go when listening to her show, I’ve always been a fan of Electric Disco with Jenny Greene too! Although that sounds really cool and alternative… I have to admit, my favourite song right now has to be Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift.


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