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Will Apple knock Spotify off its perch?

Apple’s decision to launch a music streaming service has ruffled a few feathers in recent weeks. The service will be available from 4pm today and promises to build its library to a lofty 30 million tracks. It will initially offer 3 month long trials, but in time will tackle Spotify head-on with free and paid-for options.

Similar to Spotify, some of Apple’s music will be freely available. Access to the full library comes at a charge of either €9.99 per month for a single person or €14.99 per month for a family of up to 6 people. Advertising opportunities for the Irish market are unclear, but it seems that current iAd formats are being rolled out in the US for the time being.

We will be watching Spotify closely in the coming weeks to see if they can hold their own and continue to grow in a landscape over which they no longer hold a monopoly.

Facebook are also rumoured to be entering the game and are in early talks with music labels. However, they have reiterated that they want to create something unlike any other service currently on the market. With some major players entering the music game from unexpected avenues, we’d like to know if this spells disaster for Spotify.


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