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Aido – Your New Best Mate – Innovatie

Ladies and Gents

It’s finally here. The most life-changing tech update since the launch of the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone. After 6 long, arduous years, you can now zoom on Insta! #creepsunite because let’s be honest, we’ve all been there: “MUM you can’t zoom on Insta. Oh my GOD did you like it?! That photo is 97 weeks old UUUGGHHH FMFL”

But while InstaZoom most definitely deserves an honourable mention, that’s not what this week’s innovation is about. I know you hold Innovatie to a higher standard than that; which is to be expected given the calibre (great word – also not spelt the way you’d think!) of the innovations that have been coming your way. I wouldn’t want to let myself down; or make a holy show of myself, as my mother would say.

Let me introduce you all to Aido. Aido hasn’t actually been born yet, his parents are saving up for his arrival in October (the cost of having a child these days is only desperate), but he’s gonna be super smart and v cute. Aido is going to live with you in your gaff and be your best friend, teacher, chef, nightlight, personal shopper, lover, smartphone and laptop all rolled into one dotey little package. He can even screen your calls and tell your parents you’re not in when they pop round uninvited – see 0:17 into the video below – because we all know if you let them in you’ll spend the entire day trying to explain to them how to use poor Aido… “And he has de Shkype as well, does he? That’s fierce handy now for ringing Mairead down in Bondi Beach” (this is all of us, btw:

Check out the video here:

You can pre-order him on, for about the same price as an iPhone ($600), which is an absolute bargain really…–2#/

And the best thing about Aido? The fact his name is Aido. AIDO. Come on lads.

Side note: how great of a character was Aido in Love/Hate? Aido & Nadine – modern Ireland’s answer to John & Mary from Father Ted:

Ok so granted I’m not sure how brands would fit into this space as of yet but where there’s a will there’s a way! It could be an interesting one for supermarkets and FMCGs if Aido is doing all the grocery shopping? He could suggest new products, etc. Aido has already won the 2016 GameChanger award from technology magazine T3. Overachiever (rolling my eyes).


Until next week, folks

Slán agus beannacht libh go léir


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