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Advertising through the looking Glass?

We have been lucky enough to get our hands on a pair of Google Glass here in Vizeum and it has got us thinking about how they might be used for advertising. Google have repeatedly denied that there will be ads on Goggle Glass but once the user base grows it is more than likely that they will tap into this revenue stream. The possibilities are endless and as a user of Google Glass over the past few weeks here’s a few that come to mind:

1. Branded Google Glass Apps
This would offer consumers the opportunity of a more immersive brand experience, also brands would benefit from the ability to serve more rich and interactive content to a captive audience. Kenneth Cole has recently developed an app to trial on Google Glass which encourages users to upload pictures of themselves performing a good deed. This is a pioneering move by the brand but merely scratches the surface in terms of the capabilities of Google Glass.

2. Location based pop ups
This would enable a visual advert to be served to the Glass wearer prompting them with a promotional offer to come in-store when they are in the vicinity.

3. Augmented Reality
We have already dipped a toe in the water with the likes of Blippar but Google Glass could bring augmented reality to the next level. For a start it could literally bring the most mundane outdoor advertising campaigns to life, resulting in brand interactions on a whole new level.

Unfortunately none of us can predict what the future holds but it’s clear to see that Google Glass is one to watch as it presents a whole new avenue of exploration for the advertising industry.