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Ad-blockers Online: How to Stay Ahead

The term ‘adblock’ is getting thrown around more and more from clients, advertisers and general internet users.

To put it bluntly, ad block software allows users to prevent webpage elements, such as advertisements, from being displayed on their browser.

It’s causing web-site owners and advertisers to cringe due to its potential to strongly affect revenue on both sides. Advertisers can’t show their ads to users, which generates sales, and web sites can’t charge advertisers to host ads no one is viewing.

Advances in technology, along with an increasingly savvy consumer base, is causing ad block penetration to grow strongly year on year across the globe. It’s become easier than ever to put Ad block software on your system; even on a mobile device.

In Ireland, penetration has reached 18% of online users – that’s a percentage worth taking note of. In the UK, this figure is even higher sitting at 21%. (Source)

It’s important not to overreact just yet. There’s no need to strip display or PPC from your plans. We need to remember that it’s 18% of Irish online users, not 18% of your target audience.

At the moment there’s no definitive answer to the ‘adblocker’ dilemma. As always with advertising, we are forced to evolve with consumers and for now, there is no tried and tested rule.

Around the world, advertisers are using different tactics to ensure their message gains the necessary visibility for branding and sales exercises.

Sponsored articles are a great way of reaching the right audience. Everyone in the advertising industry has heard the phrase “Content is King” and we won’t harp on about it. But it is interesting to look at content as a means of avoiding ‘adblockers’.

There are no stats currently that outline the breakout of free and premium ad-block users, but like everything else, it’s easy to assume that the majority of users are using the free versions.  With free versions, paid social activities aren’t blocked by these pieces of software. With that in mind, and considering the vast reach and ever growing power of social media, it continues to be an excellent way to reach audiences.

The best case scenario…

AdBlock Plus is the most popular ad block software and plugin on the planet, estimated to be used by up to 8% of the internet globally.  Their goal isn’t to put advertisers out of a job; it’s to get rid of poor quality messages and ads. If an advertiser feels their messages aren’t spam and would genuinely engage an audience, you can apply to Ad Block Plus to be put on their whitelist. That way, even users with Ad block will see your messages and not feel spammed or frustrated at the volume of advertising reaching them. This in turn will make them more likely to engage with your ads.