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Vizeum is a strategic agency created for the new era of media. We exist to step-change our clients’ communications.  We do not start with an ad. We do not start with media. We start from a different place. We combine our unique understanding of underlying human motivations and the new human behaviours enabled by the digital age, to help our clients grow their business.

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BBC Three – Innovatie

By vizeumie on 2nd Dec 2016

OKAY boys and girls (is what Gay used to say on the Toy Show)   So, some of you may know that I spent some time as a TV buyer, but what you may not know is that TV is one of my all-time F A V E things in the whole wide world. I [...]

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Sky Delves into Virtual Reality – Innovatie

By vizeumie on 12th Aug 2016
sky vr cover photo

Hello friends So here we are… Instagram Live! Haha, gotcha. Nope, over here at the Innovation Desk we like to buck the trend… Go against the grain… Throw caution to the wind… etc. etc. We’re going to have a look at a company that’s making some really interesting headway in the virtual reality field – [...]

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The Future of TV

By vizeumie on 20th Nov 2015

We live in a world of content abundance, there is literally anything you could possibly want, at any time, on any device. But finding content amidst the jungle of available material is difficult. Well, finding anything good anyway. With so much available how do I know what to watch? It’s hard because there is too [...]

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RTE Autumn Launch (into 2016)

By vizeumie on 13th Aug 2015

RTE today launched its new season of programming across both RTE One and RTE Two.  Focusing not only on Autumn 2015, but also a look into early 2016.  Competition for Irish audiences has been fierce in 2015, driven mainly by the arrival of UTV Ireland on January 1st.  Pressure and eyes focused distinctly on RTE [...]

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Dominance of the TV Screen

By vizeumie on 4th Sep 2014

A new UK study by Millward Brown highlights the continued dominance of the TV screen Upon reading the recent release from WARC on multiscreenig a number of points struck us. Notably, that whilst digital usage is certainly on the increase and multi-screening more commonplace, the TV screen still remains at the top, garnering the most [...]

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Pat Kenny Joins UTV Ireland

By vizeumie on 20th Aug 2014
Pat Kenny & UTV

UTV Ireland announced at their station preview presentation yesterday, at the Marker Hotel, that veteran national broadcaster Pat Kenny will join their ranks in a capacity which is still yet to be confirmed. Pat Kenny has a wealth of experience across a multitude of programme genres and broadcast mediums. Having being a near constant presence [...]

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UTV Ireland: what will the impact be?

By vizeumie on 22nd Jul 2014
utv ireland_logo

There are a lot of unknowns still circulating around UTV Ireland; what will their EPG and trading approach be and in the absence of virtually any Irish content in 2015, what programming will they have and will it be strong enough to lure eyeballs into their station? These elements will have a sizeable impact on [...]

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TV3 ShowPal Taking Dual Screening to Another Level

By vizeumie on 21st Oct 2013
TV3 Showpal App Image

TV3’s ShowPal companion app has recently landed on our mobile devices, bringing a massive opportunity for advertisers to increase consumer engagement and take advantage of lucrative impulse purchase possibilities. Digital audio watermarking technology will immediately ‘link’ the ShowPal app on your mobile device to the content broadcast on TV3e whether viewed live or time-shifted. In [...]

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Dual Screening’s Sweet Spot

By vizeumie on 17th Jun 2013
Dual Screening

Dual Screening – what we learnt from our Eurovision analysis. Despite Ireland’s recent abysmal record in the Eurovision Song Contest, it appears that we still love the competition and this year more Irish people took to dual-screening during the event than ever before. Have a read of our article from the June 2013 issue of [...]

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Eurovision 2013

By vizeumie on 24th May 2013
info thumbnail

Eurovision 2013! Check out our Eurovision infographic from last Saturday night’s extravaganza. Some key stats included surrounding both TV consumption and the power of the second screen.

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