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Vizeum is a strategic agency created for the new era of media. We exist to step-change our clients’ communications.  We do not start with an ad. We do not start with media. We start from a different place. We combine our unique understanding of underlying human motivations and the new human behaviours enabled by the digital age, to help our clients grow their business.

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Trump or Kittens – Innovatie

By vizeumie on 23rd Jan 2017

Happy Monday ladies and gentlemen   Welcome to this slightly later than scheduled episode of Innovatie.   In case you missed it, the world as we know it officially came to an end on Friday. The times they are a-changin’. So is it sink or swim? Adapt or die? How about we take a leaf [...]

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11/11: Singles Day – Innovatie

By vizeumie on 11th Nov 2016

Moving swiftly on from the trials and tribulations of the past few days, welcome to this week’s Innovatie!   So, does anyone know what today is? 11/11? No? Well, let me educate you, my Western friends. Today is Double Eleven – or what used to be known as “Singles’ Day” in China. Think Black Friday [...]

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Facebook Secret Messages – Innovatie

By vizeumie on 7th Oct 2016

Hello and a happy Friday to you all (only if you’re reading this on a Friday, obvs… otherwise, just hello).   This week’s innovation is hot off the presses and continues along what appears to have become a theme running through a lot of my Innovaties… Internet creepin’.   Ladies and gents, I give you… [...]

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Aido – Your New Best Mate – Innovatie

By vizeumie on 2nd Sep 2016

Ladies and Gents It’s finally here. The most life-changing tech update since the launch of the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone. After 6 long, arduous years, you can now zoom on Insta! #creepsunite because let’s be honest, we’ve all been there: “MUM you can’t zoom on Insta. Oh my GOD did you like it?! That [...]

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Sky Delves into Virtual Reality – Innovatie

By vizeumie on 12th Aug 2016
sky vr cover photo

Hello friends So here we are… Instagram Live! Haha, gotcha. Nope, over here at the Innovation Desk we like to buck the trend… Go against the grain… Throw caution to the wind… etc. etc. We’re going to have a look at a company that’s making some really interesting headway in the virtual reality field – [...]

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Wearable Tech – Function, Fitness and Advertising

By vizeumie on 17th Sep 2015

Wearable technology is already becoming common amongst the early innovators of today. From Apple Watches and Galaxy Gear, to Jawbones and GoPros, wearables are becoming more and more common. Wearable technology serves a purpose that smartphones could never fulfil. That is because wearables are actually connected to our body, meaning we’ll become even more connected [...]

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Social Media & Product Placement

By vizeumie on 21st Aug 2015

Advertising happens on every social platform. Whether it has been formally monetised or not is irrelevant; people (and brands) will find a way to promote on every corner of the internet, guerrilla-style or otherwise. Product placement in social is a bit of a grey area at present, but for brands and influencers alike, it’s proven [...]

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Advertising through the looking Glass?

By vizeumie on 25th Sep 2014

We have been lucky enough to get our hands on a pair of Google Glass here in Vizeum and it has got us thinking about how they might be used for advertising. Google have repeatedly denied that there will be ads on Goggle Glass but once the user base grows it is more than likely [...]

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